Looks like Uber has a competitor now; Didi is launching its taxi-hailing services in Japan as a joint venture with SoftBank Corp.
Didi works just like other ride ordering apps. Users will be able to book rides using a free app on their smartphones. According to the Japan Times, the service will be using over 1,000 vehicles from over 12 taxi companies. Yes, the company will link you up to 12 local taxi companies to make sure you get a ride at the latest. Didi will be using advanced Artificial Intelligence of China to ensure that the users are facilitated at best. The rides will be available on the premises of Kansas International Airport and Osaka. The company will be providing licensed cars.
The company has also made some pretty hefty investments in other taxis around the globe. These include Careem in Dubai, Lyft in the US, Grab in Ola and Asia, Taxify in Europe, and 99 in Brazil.
Ken Miyauchi, president of SoftBank Corp said: “We would like to spread in Japan the business that DiDi Chuxing succeeded within China”.
Didi’s this step is a huge deal as Japan is the world’s third largest market in the world. According to the South China Morning Post, a total of 1.6 billion passengers use taxi for their commute every year. A significant number of Chinese tourists visit Osaka. The Chinese tourists will also be able to use their versions of the app in Japan. This expanded service is not only limited to the Chinese tourists as people from Australia, Mexico, and Taiwan will also be able to benefit from it.
The company is also planning to expand its services to the other cities of Japan soon. Didi has expanded at a rapid pace since it first became functional. The company has also tested its services in Australia. It is no surprise that Didi will be giving a cutthroat competition to Uber.
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