Das Keyboard 5Q: The Smart Keyboard everyone needs in their life!

The smart keyboard everyone needs in their life.

If you’re tired of your obsolete and boring keyboards then this smart keyboard is all you need to light up your day. This amazing keyboard can control all your smart devices!

Das has taken the market by storm after launching this optimized keyboard that is so easy to program.

The 5Q design is unique; its features are exciting and new for all those who have been using standard keyboards for decades. Das keyboard 5Q is not like a gaming keyboard, in fact, it is a lot more than that.

Das Keyboard is fully customized and has programmable functionality which enables users to connect with the application services and get easy access by just a single click. The keyboard buttons blink with RGB lights that help the user in distinguishing various notifications easily.

All the smart keyboard fans out there, you can now program your Facebook notification to blink all keys in blue.

Isn’t that something?

Likewise, you can assign different colors to get different notifications for yourself!

Not only notifications, but you can also program this keyboard to get any sort of updates. All you have to do is program your keyboard and remember the colors you have set for each kind of notification or update.

Bid farewell to your hard keyboards to get this smart keyboard offering an extremely soft and smooth typing experience. 5Q offers soft keys that won’t make an irritating noise while you are typing your long emails or documents.

No doubt, Das has launched an optimized solution for various users. Its high degree of customization makes it a hot favorite gadget. Das Q5 keyboard costs $245.56, but this price is sitting well with all the super cool features offered.

If you get your hands on Das Q5, don’t forget to turn on notification for our posts!

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