The first thing you’ll notice about Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is its size. It’s big, based on the G-Shock design.

The watch is 20.2mm thick and about 60mm in diameter. Inside this heavy body, the watch has a number of features that will make your next outdoor experience great.

Casio GPR-B1000

GPR-B1000 is equipped with all the features a normal hiking watch has. This includes a compass, altimeter, barometer, and solar charging. The watch also has built-in GPS for mapping, logging, and backtracking.

You can set your destination and the watch will lead you there keeping the record of the path you selected to use it later or even backtrack out.

Casio GPR-B1000

The watch is different than the other sports watches out there in the market. It doesn’t track your runs or remind you to go to your yoga class. GPR-B1000 is for those who want to take a hike from point A to point B and to avoid being lost during the route. You can connect your watch with a dedicated App which lets you set your destinations or map your routes. The app also changes time automatically when the phone is turned ON in a different timezone. These small but helpful features make this watch a traveler’s watch.

Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 design:

The design of this watch is also very different. Instead of replaceable batteries, Casio decided to change it through sunlight. Also, everyone is moving cord to wireless, the device could also charge (wireless) with it’s ceramic back.

Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 Wireless

A crown on the side controls different on-screen menus and the remaining functions from a dedicated button around the bezel of the watch.

Rangeman GPR-B1000 is both mud and waterproof to 200 meters. It is shock resistant and can survive up to -20 degrees (Celcius) temperature.

Pretty Solid!

The Rangeman GPR-B1000 costs you around $800 which is considered as one of the most expensive watches from Casio G-Shock series. If you have made your mind to get this watch, please note that it’s not a fancy watch like Apple Watch Series 4.

If you’re a traveler and love to take a hike, the never-ending battery, built-in GPS, and the tracking features can really seal the deal for you.

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