The Windows Operating system is undoubtedly the most used desktop OS in the world. The features of this operating system and ease of use are the main reasons for its popularity. Windows has become an integral part of networking, communications, and information sharing in various small and large-scale organizations and firms.

For the business to function efficiently and without interruptions, it is essential to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade Windows OS. This creates a high demand for professionals with a certification that showcases their skills and knowledge on the latest Windows Operating System.

Microsoft certification line

Microsoft is a giant in the IT industry. Its products and services dominate the global market and used for both commercial and personal purposes. Microsoft certification program is a line of specialized credentials that are trusted by companies worldwide because they validate a wide variety of essential technical skills. Having a suitable certification from Microsoft can help you stand out among other non-certified individuals and open up various opportunities in your field of interest.

To obtain a credential from Microsoft, you need to pass at least one qualification test. 70-486: Windows Operating System Fundamentals is one such exam that is designed to validate your skills in handling the Windows OS.70-486 is also one of the 12 tests that can earn you the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification.

The MTA credential and 70-486 exam

The MTA certification is created for individuals who would like to enter the field of Information Technology and build a strong knowledge foundation. Since MTA is an entry-level certification, it is suitable for home PC users, aspiring network administrators, developers, etc. To get certified, the candidate must choose one of the offered tests and pass it. Among the MTA tests, there are assessments that are focused on networking, software development, database, Windows Server, IT security, HTML5 applications, and more.

Today we will focus on 70-486:Windows Operating System Fundamentals test and its features as it is one of the most popular options among the MTA candidates. 70-486 exam will assess your knowledge in installing, operating, troubleshooting, updating and upgrading, and maintaining the Windows 10 Operating System.

More about 70-486 exam

This will be a 45-minute exam consisting of 30-50 questions such as multiple-choice, case studies, drag-and-drop, etc. As 70-486 is an entry-level qualification test, you do not have to fulfill any prerequisites to attempt it.

The test will assess your knowledge in the following core topics:

  • Operating system configurations (15-20%)
  • Installation and upgrading systems (15-20%)
  • Handling applications (15-20%)
  • Managing folders and files (15-20%)
  • OS maintenance (15-20%)
  • Device management (15-20%)

The percentages mentioned after each topic give you an idea of how many questions you can expect from it. The question formats and exam content are subject to change, so you must refer to the latest official preparation guide for accurate information.

A minimum score of 70% is essential to pass the 70-486 exam. You will receive a notification mentioning whether you have passed or failed within a few minutes after the test. Additionally, you will receive a report with an overall score and an analysis of your performance in each section. If you do not manage to score the necessary 700 points at the first attempt, you can consider retaking the exam 24 hours later.

Preparation for 70-486

This exam is not considered to be a difficult one, but you are not allowed to retake it once you get a Pass. Hence, the score you get is critical in showcasing your talent to a potential employer. If you put in the effort for preparation and practice before the exam, then you too can achieve a brilliant score to nail that dream job. Below is a set of steps you need to follow to be well prepared for 70-486:

  • Refer to the latest official exam guide to find out about the tested topics and any changes that have been made to the content.
  • To get the necessary knowledge, you can either follow an online course or register for the instructor-led training offered by Microsoft. The Microsoft 40394 course is also of high quality. This course covers all the fundamental topics and gives you access to the official training content.
  • Once you have covered the main exam content it is important to start practicing with real exam questions. This type of training will help you build confidence, improve time management, and identify your weaknesses. PrepAway is a platform that contains high quality and accurate exam questions for various certification exams including 70-486.
  • When you have any doubts when solving problems, you can either post them on forums dedicated for 70-486 or watch YouTube videos that contain a detailed analysis of 70-486 exam questions.
  • If time management is a problem for you, then exam dumps by PrepAway will serve you well. These files can be played using the Vumingo software to simulate the actual exam environment. This will help you adapt to exam pressure and get familiar with the exam structure.

Here are some popular resources for exam success:

  • PrepAway

This is an online platform that contains a large number of exam dumps for various certification tests from the world’s most popular vendors. All exam questions are checked and verified by experts.

Microsoft Certifications

Core Exam

Elective Exams

There are plenty of well-explained tutorials that you can utilize to study and develop practical knowledge.

  • Microsoft Learn

This official website provides instructor-led training, video tutorials, and other learning material covering specific content of 70-486.


Windows is the most widely used desktop Operating System in the world today. Hence, there is a large demand for professionals who can handle and manage systems and networks that run on Windows. Certification is a must if you are looking to progress in your career. By making good use of the tips and resources like PrepAway to enhance your performance in the exam, you too can achieve a brilliant result and be recognized as a top professional.

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