When looking to build an online reputation, it is important to consider the effect that this could have on the business as well as sales. If your inline reputation is negative, it could be harder to gain ROI and maintain customer acquisition rates. But how can you begin to improve it?

Whether you decide to enlist the help of an Essex PPC agency for immediate results, or you decide to implement an SEO campaign, this can all begin to build the online reputation and increase the chance of sales.

Be active on social media

When looking to build your online reputation, it is imperative that you are as active on social media as possible. By keeping the audience as engaged as possible you can then build the relationship between you and the potential customer.

It is important to respond to both positive and negative comments when running a social media account, however, it is important that you personal message a potential customer to resolve an issue as this will help to eliminate the risk of negativity on your social media page.

Write blogs with professional content

In addition to responding on social media, it is important that you are writing content that is engaging to the audience whilst providing them with the information that they need from you. By creating content that showcases your knowledge in a particular skill, you can then begin to increase the number of conversions.

This is in part down to the expertise that you are displaying in your content. This level of expertise can also help with your Google ranking position as you begin to boost your E.A.T score with fully optimised content.

Monitor what others say about you

In addition to monitoring what people are saying about you on social media, it is vital that you are also monitoring what others are writing about you on a number of other platforms. Whether this is a review on Google My Business or an article or blog post speaking negatively about your company, it is important to ensure that it is monitored at all times to ensure that no negative review can harm your business.

Any negative press that is online can not only tarnish your brand’s reputation, but it can also affect the number of conversions that you are receiving as a result, therefore it is important to monitor this and ensure that any negative articles are removed to protect the reputation of your business.

Encourage reviews

When you receive a positive response from a client about the work you are completing it is important to encourage them to leave a review. This will help to build the reputation of your brand, as well as encourage others to purchase your product or service. The more positive reviews that you have, the more Google will see this engagement as beneficial to the user which could then begin to positively impact your ranking position as a result.

Whether you are a start-up looking to boost reputation from the get-go or you are an established business looking to better your brand’s reputation online, these few simple steps can help you to boost conversions and increase brand awareness over the course of a few months. Where will you start?

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