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Are you someone who has been newly introduced to android games mods? Or do you want to know more about this feature? Well, in this article, we will answer your every question. This article is an introduction to android games mods. Everything related to Apps mods, Modded APKs, Modded Apps has been explained briefly. After going through this article, you’ll get a better knowledge of modded apps, know about them more deeply, will learn how to install them in your smartphones, etc.

Nowadays, android games mods are gaining a lot of popularity. These are one of the most unique and exciting entrants in the world of Android. As they are not that old, their safety has always been a concern. But, still, you can find many people running mods successfully in their emulators, tablets, or smartphones. The level of trust that these modded apps have gained during the past few years is self-explanatory. Though they do come with some security issues, they still serve to provide even the inaccessible features to its users.

What android games mods are?

Mods, in short, imply “Modifications.” Therefore, android games mods mean a modified version of android games. We all know EXE represents the install files for Windows. In the same way, the APK is the install file for apps. These modified versions of apps hold additional features. These features can provide unlimited access to the App’s original features. It has also been found out that in some cases, android games mods can also add more features.

Also, with the help of these modified versions, one can get penny-free access to the original game’s paid or unlocked features. The availability of Modded applications is vast. Modded version of Clash of Clan is also available where you can get access to unlimited quantities of gold and gems. Therefore, before installing android games mods in your smartphones, you must be aware of a few things. These are:

1) What are the advantages of android games mods?

The different advantages of android games mods are:

  • By downloading the modded versions, one can quickly get access to the new and exciting features of the original version of the app. You can even access those features which remained locked for the maximum part of the game.
  • You can also easily download those applications which are restricted in your area or region. By downloading them, you can easily access every feature.
  • The android games mods let you access the newest features which are not available even in the Google Play Store. It enables you to retrieve the latest updates. If you are someone waiting for the normal process of updating your application, then it would take a lot of time. Downloading these modded applications is a lot easier. It not only saves your time but also offers you a bunch of new features.
  • If by any means, your Google Play Store isn’t working, then you can rely on these modded versions of applications. They will make your work a lot easier and will fulfill the absence of Google Play Store on your phone.
  • As already said, you will also be able to enjoy those goodies which are not available in the main application and will take a time of 2-3 months for showing up.
  • You will be getting access to every feature for free.
  • You will be able to use cheats in your favorite games. Buying expensive weapons, overcoming the difficulty levels will be a lot easier. You also need not waste time leveling up.

2) Can Android games mods be easily installed on tablets, emulators, and on Android phones?

Since these apps are not available in the Google Play Store, but they can easily be installed in your electronic devices. These apps are generally received from third party sources. Each app bundle comes with the format of APK. And, these APKs can easily be installed in one’s Android Emulators, Android Tablets, and Android Phones.

3) What are Apk Mirror and Android Hackers?

We all know how secure we feel under the warm and safe umbrella of the Google Play Store. It is indeed a good reason. The high security provided by Google acts as a shield to various spyware and viruses. Some smartphones even come pre-installed with several multifunctional android applications. All these tend to make our work easier.

But, by stepping out of this secure world, we will able to realize that there are a lot of cool applications left undiscovered. They house the best features. In some cases, they even contain those features which we thought must be there in the original version of the game. The modded applications include a whole ton of new information. They can be a bit risky but are worth giving a try. Therefore, to install these android games mods, we must be aware of the third-party app stores. One of them is:

APK Mirror: This isn’t technically an app store. It is more of an app repository. One can find a whole bunch of new applications here. People can also access the beta versions, which are usually not available in the Google Play Store. But, still, you will be notified about further updates by the Play Store itself. Therefore, this is one of the best third-party app stores for accessing the restricted and prohibited features.


Therefore, though the android games mods can be a bit risky, the advantages are enormous enough to dominate each one of them. The leading utility of these mods is that they give access to the best features of the original application within no time.


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