As the year 2018 ends, Spotify is back with its ‘Spotify Wrapped’ mini-site. It will, once again, let users look back at their year in music and review it. This feature in the Spotify world will let us find out specifics in our choices of music throughout 2018. Spotify has had the feature for identifying the most popular artists of the year before. Its Spotify Wrapped, however, brings a twist to the way the end of the year feels for a Spotify user. Now users will get to see a customized version of their statistics and a numerical version of how musical their 2018 has been.

In an official statement, Spotify said:

“Back by popular demand, Wrapped allows you to rediscover and share the music and podcasts that formed your personal soundtrack in 2018. Enter the site to enjoy a customised, interactive experience based on the music you’ve listened to this year.”

With Spotify Wrapped, we will know if we enjoyed one film’s soundtrack too much, or if we were one of the many who just simply love Drake. The songs and albums we listened to the most will now be in a list Spotify has compiled for us.

What it will show

There are quite a few features that will help Spotify users get their own 2018 Spotify experience in perspective.

  • It will tell you the first song you listened to in 2018. By extension, it will also tell what artist you first listened to.
  • How many minutes you spent listening to music will be there.
  • Your top five artists, songs and genres of 2018 are a part of Spotify Wrapped.
  • You can know what artist you listened to the most. The bonus of finding out how many hours you spent listening to them also exists. Moreover, it will also let you tweet a shout out to them.
  • It will interestingly tell you the oldest song you listened to in 2018.
  • Spotify has also compiled a list of the top 100 songs you played in 2018 for you to listen to and relive.
  • Spotify Wrapped will tell you your favorite music sub-genre.
  • Another interesting feature is Spotify Wrapped telling you what star your favorite combination of artists belongs to.
  • Spotify Wrapped ‘wraps’ it by creating a personalized playlist for you with new tracks based on your music taste of 2018. They call them ‘Tastebreakers.’
  • But furthermore, for Spotify Premium users, there is a chance for their statistics to be displayed on a billboard.

The fun does not stop here. In the announcement, Spotify said:

“Additionally, a number of our Premium fans within the U.S. received an exclusive early-access sneak peek of their Wrapped 2018 top artist in the form of a custom-made personalized puzzle. Once completed, the puzzle revealed whom they spent quality time with this year. Top artists included Halsey, Lana Del Rey, and others.”

The Most Streamed of 2018

Along with giving users their stats as well as several interesting nuggets regarding their music taste in 2018, Spotify Wrapped has also released a list of the most popular global artists of 2018.

Spotify said:

“2018 is winding down, but on Spotify, the music is playing as loudly as ever. All throughout the year, our users have streamed countless hours of their favorite songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts. Now, we’re looking back to determine the music and audio trends that defined the year.”

According to official stats, Drake ended up being the most streamed artist yet again with 8.2 billion streams in 2018 alone. Hits like God’s Plan have proven to be fruitful for the Canadian rapper. Ariana Grande with deserving hits like ‘thank you, next’ stands tall as the most streamed female artist of the year. Although Hip-Hop still tops the globally favored music genre of 2018, Latino music continues its upward climb. This year’s Spotify announcement of Most Streamed (for the music) also includes a new feature. It also talks about the podcasts Spotify puts out. Spotify has around 7 million available podcasts now. The most popular podcast topic is crime and mystery podcasts while the most streamed are  “The Joe Budden Podcast” as well as “Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith.

The new ‘Spotify Wrapped’ is sure to one-up the Spotify experience we already love to bits.

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