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Relike allows user to initiate marketing campaigns via email. Currently it extracts posts from users' Facebook page and creates a newsletter out of it

Everybody has a Facebook page these days.

How you use it matters, even more, when the competition is so stiff. Relike is one of those tools that makes your Facebook page more than just a hobby.
Relike allows the user to initiate marketing campaigns via email. Setting up things is a piece of cake. One has to just enter the name of their Facebook page.
The rest is done by Relike. Users can set up email campaigns in a matter of minutes by entering the URL of their Facebook page. The company then pulls up all of the recent posts from users’ Facebook page and lets you set up an email in a few clicks.
Users can automatically select their most liked posts or choose posts of their own liking manually.
Similar to other email campaign services, users can choose through a plethora of different templates, schedule the days and time at which to send the emails and even gather a table of email addresses.

Users who have used other email marketing services such as MailChimp shouldn’t have any problems using Relike. The company wants users to think big. Their goal isn’t to get into direct competition with other newsletter services.

They want users and social media personalities who have a Facebook page to plunge into a market that is full of potential i.e email marketing. The service is free if you need to send 2000 emails or less per month.
The free option won’t have advanced features such as Relike ads removal, or Relike logo removal, or advanced performance reporting.
Advanced reports is a pretty cool feature to have as it informs clients about who clicks on their posts, and exports the data in a file format back to the client, hence users will have an extensive knowledge about their target audience.
For other features such as click-through rates, open rates, and advanced reports, users will have 5 euros per month and half a euro for every 1000 emails sent.

OwnPage has been working closely with various media companies to optimize the way they present their newsletters. OwnPage tracks users’ reading habits when on a news and media website.

This ensures that the newsletter received by a user is customized to better fit their reading habits, thereby increasing the odds of users returning to the news site.
OwnPage is already being used by a lot of famous news outlets in France. Some of these outlets include Le Parisien, Les Echos, BFM TV, and L’Express.

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Stephane Cambon told TechCrunch that Relike was the next big chapter in OwnPage’s life. Using a browser’s data to analyze users’ reading habits is just one small piece of the puzzle.
Some clever social media professionals can enhance this data by giving meaning and context to it. These strategies will ultimately benefit the website, as it increases clicks, even if those clicks are achieved via clickbait.
In order to extract this data, the startup gave birth to Relike. The startup plans to add integration with other social media outlets as well, such as Twitter and Instagram.

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