Scientists are redefining Kg
Image Courtesy: J.Lee, NIST

The next generation is going to weigh differently than we do. Yes, that is true!

The 129-year-old definition for the kilogram will no longer be the part of SI units and the weight measuring tools.

On 16th November 2018, scientists, from all over the world are setting a summit at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France. This summit aims to set the new measuring definition for Kg. Also, it is expected that the new Kg standard will be enforced right after the summit takes a decision. Therefore, an organized panel voting is going to decide the fate of the new standard. It is expected that the new Kg definition will base on the universal constant.
Also, this is supposed that the new kilogram definition–introduced by General Conference on Weights and Measure will meet the Metric System—introduced by the French mathematicians. This change is expected to improve the International System of Units. According to Stephen Schlamminger, NIST scientist member of the General Conference, the metric system was devised “for all times, for all people.”

“Objects always change. With the modern KG definition,we go from an object on Earth to the stuff that’s in the heavens.” He added.

Britain’s National Physics Laboratory materials engineering and specialist, Ian Robinson, elaborated the need of new kilogram definition so well. He said that the weight of the solid box does not always remain the same, dust particles and other environmental factors affect the measurements.
“We live in a modern world. There are pollutants in the atmosphere that can stick to the mass. In the present system, you have to relate small masses with large masses by subdivision. That’s very difficult – and the uncertainties build up very, very quickly. One of the things this (new) technique allows us to do is to measure mass directly at whatever scale we like, and that’s a big step forward,” Robinson added.
The firms which produce weights based on NIST standards, also have to rework on the new kilogram definition. However, it might be time taking for authorities to re-issue the latest weight certificates based on the new KG definition.
Will the upcoming KG measuring technique work? Share your views and stay tuned for more updates!

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