Google launches a new feature for Android phone users which lets you donate to plenty of US nonprofit organizations through Google Play Store. “Giving season on Google Play” lets you donate to these non-profits using your Android phone. The list of organizations includes UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders USA, American Red Cross, and Girls Who Code. If you want to donate any amount then you can open on your Android phone.

Apple has been collecting donations and charity for different charities such as the American Red Cross in order to support the victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes. The company also tried to educate people on technology through its Today at Apple sessions.

Google is trying to follow in Apple’s footsteps and also has gone further as well. Google is linked to several charities and their events instead of just one. Not just only the American Red Cross, Users can choose to send donations to charities like; charity: water, Doctors Without Borders USA, Girls Who code, International Rescue Committee, Room to Red, Save the Children, UNICEF, World Food Program USA, and World Wildlife Fund (US), as well.

The feature will be available to users using the app in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc.), in the US and parts of Asia (Taiwan and Indonesia). In the future, this feature will be rolled out in the app to users from all around the world.

Users, in the above-mentioned regions, can head over to donate if they are looking to give out charity to a list of charity organizations in the app or they can use their linked credit card with the app store to send out a donation.

Since this is a feature based on altruism, Google has decided to undertake all the cost of the transaction upon itself. Users can be assured that their donation will reach the chosen charity organization, in its entirety. No extra cost has to be paid regarding the transaction amount. Before the introduction of this feature, Google used to take a 30% fee from the app developers during in-app purchases but not with this feature.

Google has timed the release of the feature with the holiday season which often inspires people to give out a portion of their earnings. Whether the portion is big or small, it surely makes an impact in the life of a much deserving, and in need of that portion, person.
It’s expected in the future that Google will offer a more diverse selection of non-profit features based on philanthropy and altruism. However, there has been no comment from Google so far regarding future additions.

However, a step like this from Google will surely inspire people to help the poor and needy not just in the holiday season but at other times of the year as well. Also, this step might inspire other tech organizations to introduce features in their product lines as well.

Google has issued a statement that this feature will be rolled out to Android users in the above-mentioned regions, in the days that follow. For years, both Apple and Google have not given developers to process donations in in-app purchasing. However, in 2016, Apple introduced this feature in their app store to the non-profit apps allowing donations to be made and Google followed suit as well.

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