Google’s AI is now a valuable cancer detecting ally with upto 99 percent accuracy

Google’s AI researchers have been working on a deep learning tool that can detect an advanced form of breast cancer with accuracy higher than pathologists. The team of researchers trained the LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant) algorithm to recognize the characteristics of breast cancer tumors using two sets of pathological slides. The AI can spot metastasis in a variety of samples. The results of the tests of the AI are impressive as the system can tell the difference between non-cancer and cancer slides with an accuracy of 99 percent accuracy time. The AI system can now spot the details which a human might miss with higher efficiency.
The effectiveness of the LYNA AI is even more effective when the system was served as a companion with pathologists and performed simulated diagnosis. The tech made their work manageable and with the help of LYNA pathologists were able to cut the inspection time in half. The A.I system also reduced the rate of missed metastases by a “factor of two.”
Because of the extremely reliable diagnosis, the AI system enables doctors to do more caring for the patient rather than worrying about the diagnosis stage. When it is ready for the practical use and in the field, it will be much beneficial in the diagnosis of late-stage cancer where there’s no solution. The AI was tested under simulations and is yet to be practiced in the real-life situation where it can be trained to detect more tumors other than metastases. Metastases is a common factor in most forms of cancer and hence this AI is reliable in spotting when ready for practical use.

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Source: Google AI Blog

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