Goats and sheep can be used to create firebreaks and are especially useful for forests that have long dry grass that catches fire within a fraction of a second. The animals can also be used to get nitrogen back in the soil enhancing the soil’s fertility. We can reap out these benefits through well-thought-out grazing.

It’s a kind of a business in the US

People in the US are making bucks by giving their goats and sheep on rent for grazing purposes. Mostly the farmers in the hilly areas make use of this rather bizarre service to get rid of the entire weed from their field. This acts as a preventive measure in case a fire breaks out.

Countries & Big companies on the move

It’s just not framers and homeowners who are using goats and sheep’s for this purpose even Google has used goats to clear the shrubs around its headquarters. People across Europe and the US have now started benefiting from it.

This year Portugal used goats to clear acres of land to prevent them from wildfires as goats can help create fire barriers by trimming up the long dry grass and nibbling away the thick bush from where the blaze spreads.

Goats and sheep’s can easily reach steep and remote areas helping clear the land. The phenomenon is becoming very popular in the US. Even presently, there are several goat renting companies operating in the US.

If you’re thinking of using goats for your home garden, do not forget to fence them properly as goats would literally eat everything.

All in all, it costs less which is a major plus. Since it does not require any rocket science to put them to work, anyone can make use of it.

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  1. This article is an arrogant over simplification of an amazingly worthwhile approach to removing invasive plants .
    We have been in the business of using goats to remove invasive and unwelcome vegetation for twelve years. it’s a rewarding business but
    it’s not just “lets get some goats”.
    You need to know Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, Botany, Business Management. Rocket science is easy by comparison.
    We have had projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecut Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and West Virginia and be available to clients 24/7 and care for our goats every day, all year, all hours needed including holidays.

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