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Clash Royale League Clash Royale League
The top five teams from each region will go against the top Japanese team to vie for the title of the first Clash Royale League World Champions on December 1 in Tokyo, Japan.

Supercell, the company behind Clash Royale has officially disclosed the location of Clash Royale League Finals. The Finals will be held in Tokyo Japan on 1st of December. The top 5 teams will battle against the top Japanese team for almost $1 million as prize money.
Tickets for the event were sold within 24 hours of the announcement. The competition will be broadcasted live across several mediums.

Clash Royale League Finals will be held at the Makuhari Messe, one of Japan’s biggest convention centers. Kickoff time will be 10 am Japanese Standard Time. The Clash Royale league is a highly competitive league, for only the best of the best Clash Royale players.

These top players are picked from 5 regions of the world: Europe, China, Asia, North America, and South America. As eSports is getting bigger and more competitive day by day, Supercell wants to capitalize on this trend.
The League initiated with a mini event in March 2018, called the CRL challenge. All the players who got 20 wins and were over 16 years of age qualified to be selected by one of the 40 teams from the 5 regions mentioned above.
Almost 7000 highly skilled players qualified. The teams would then go against other teams in the king of the hill matches, 1v1 and 2v2 match types. Each team will have 3 to 6 players. Previously broadcasted matches can be watched at again on Clash Royale’s official eSports Youtube channel.

Clash Royale has hosted other tournaments as well in the past, with prize money going as high as $150,000. The debut season of Clash Royale League will offer a whopping $1 million dollars.

The top five teams from each region will go against the top Japanese team to fight for the title of the first Clash Royale League World Champions on December 1 in Tokyo, Japan. The winning team will also be able to show off the Golden Crown Trophy.
The actual format of the contest is yet to be declared. But like previous tournaments, this one should be filled with intense moments, matches going down to the wire, and brilliant strategies being deployed by pros.
As I mentioned earlier, all the tickets were sold out within a day but those who got lucky were able to take home a cool limited edition Princess figurine.
For those who are unfamiliar with Clash Royale, it’s a smartphone game developed by Finnish game development company, Supercell. It is one of the most highly rated games on Play Store.
It is a real-time strategy game where opponents try to destroy the enemy player’s three towers. Players can deploy troops and spells and use a variety of different win conditions to take down the enemy towers.
Whoever is able to get the most towers in a given time wins the game. If no one has taken down any of the towers, or both players have destroyed an equal number of towers the match goes into extra time.
If still, no one is able to get another tower, the match ends in a draw. So given the variety offered in this game, it is no wonder why it is so popular.

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