Just when you thought it was a little too much to have everything recorded in your Snapchat story through Snapchat’s Spectacle, a European hotel has come up with a ”social media sitter.”

Yep, you read that correctly, a social media sitter. It’s like a babysitter but for your social media needs.

I wish this was a prank, but it isn’t. Ibis, a famous hotel chain in Europe has shown the world what a social media sitter is. I didn’t even know social media handler was a real profession, until now. Handling social media of someone who is too busy is a classic “first world problem.”

Think of the social media sitter as your personal wedding photographer, that you take on holidays with you. Say, a social media strategist or a consultant for your social media.

The post is specifically made to flaunt one’s style. The sitter would take care of taking pictures of one’s stay at the hotel and upload them to Instagram. This is done so you can show to the world how interesting your life is.

I mean is it even a vacation if you don’t make your followers jealous?

After using Google Translate, Ibis’ website says,

“Enjoy your trip without digital stress. Our Social Media Sitter takes care of your Instagram profile. And you can explore the city in peace.” Ibis has revealed few details about this “experiment.”

Ibis does intend to allow any guest at its Geneva or Zurich hotels. The hotel will allow booking weekend appointments with local influencers or social media sitters. The sitter will hang around till you party till the sun shows up.

According to a translated statement from the website, Ibis has hired actual social media influencers. Sara Leutenegger, a contestant on Germany’s Next Top Model, is one such example. The service isn’t that expensive, given its utility.

It starts at 70 Pounds ($79) for their basic package. Guests will take responsibility for trusting the social media influencer and handing them their Instagram passwords. All posts made by the sitter are marked #postedbysocialmediasitter on Instagram.

Philippe Alanou, Senior Vice President of Accor Hotels, which is Ibis‘ parent company told The Evening Standard,

“We closely follow societal trends and adapt to offer our customers innovative services. This initiative is also part of our commitment to providing a memorable experience.”

Alanou has the right idea with this social influencer strategy. It is a known fact by now that millennials are killing for popular hotels. They are opting for Airbnb and other such booking apps. They want low prices, but also want something to brag about.

Mostly they want things that they can use to “influence” others. By influence, I mainly mean make others jealous. Using social media sitters to capture their daily lives on holiday will show them in an interesting light.

In the era of likes, clicks, and the number of followers, businesses have to change their marketing strategies and business models. They want to appear hip and cool, so they can attract customers willing to spend extra just to look cool.

Don’t be surprised if you see more businesses take a similar route of planning your online life for you, for a fee of course.

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