Doctor Who
Jodie Whitaker is the 13th doctor in the popular Sci-Fi series, Doctor Who.

If you are not a fan of the 55-year old sci-fi series, you may be struggling to find out why has the series’ this season’s pilot taking the internet by storm.
Let’s walk you through the hype. Doctor Who is one of the oldest and popular sci-fi series. The story revolves around a time-traveling scientist called ‘Time Lord’ who travels to different times through space using a machine called ‘TARDIS’.
And wait we haven’t even explained the catch yet. The catch is that the ‘Time Lord’ is able to change his appearance according to the place he inhabits (No wonder the producers were able to make a total of 26 seasons compiled in 10 series). So, the doctor, Time Lord is a philanthropist who is saving his planet.
Now that you have the idea what the show is actually about, here’s a bummer; in the last 55 years, the show never (hurts me to say this but yeah) has had a female lead. It is the first time that the show is introducing a female as a doctor. Jodie Whittaker is the first female to be the 13th doctor in the legendary series and that’s why the internet can’t stop talking about it.
A win for all women out there!
Yes, a show that kept people hooked to it for half a century has never had a female doctor before. What changed the series makers mind, you must be wondering. Chris Chibnall, previously the writer, has now become the lead writer and executive producer of the show.
Those of you who have followed the show know very well that the female lead had been hinted at many seasons ago. Let’s do some recalling, remember the time when the eleventh doctor received a rather upsetting call from the fellow Time Lord recalling the past generations in which he was a female.
The episode is called ”The woman who fell to Earth”. The episode aired on 7th October is being lauded by all the fans.
You go, girl!

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