Pregnancy apps
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Digital technology is prevalent everywhere; there is an app for almost everything, including pregnancy.

A study has shown that in the US, almost 4 million women give birth every year. During pregnancy, complications and problems can have an adverse effect on families.

Being pregnant is a blessing, and with each passing day, you need suggestions, facts, and opinions for healthy survival.

Guidance for pregnant women

There are a plethora of pregnancy apps available on Google Play and the App Store.  Some apps help you pick a unique name for your baby. Further, others help you track yours as well as the baby’s health. Apps can also calculate the due date.

You can find multiple apps to assist you in every phase of pregnancy.

Diet plan apps for a healthy diet

Diet apps show you the calories food. You can know the nutrients in the food. It also tells you whether the food is contaminated or not.

Additionally, you can also use tooth sensors that tell you about the components of every food you intake. The diet apps also track your weight. These apps also provide information about healthy eating.


Pregnant women sometimes feel stressed out. Certain apps can help them relieve stress. The apps also provide music that helps women calm down and feel relaxed.

Exercise trackers for pregnant women

Exercise is essential for everyone. Exercise relieves stress and boosts your metabolism. It reduces high blood pressure and improves our mental well being. It makes us active and healthy. It is essential for pregnant women to use workout app. It provides them with daily workout exercises, weight loss, and fitness tips.

The people commonly use multiple sensors and wearables in the market.

Baby name apps

The apps can also help you pick a name for your baby. You can choose names based on ethnicity or any other preference. It keeps one engaged, and it’s always fun picking out names.


Pregnancy can make women anxious. A lot of apps are available in which e-books are available for pregnant women to make them feel relaxed.

Important key features in the pregnancy apps:

Some of the essential features that ought to be present in the pregnancy and baby tracker apps are as follows:

  • Question and answer forum
  • Baby growth updates
  • Dietary plans
  • Doctor opinions
  • Exercise tips
  • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Baby care pieces of advice
  • Sleep guidance
  • Due date calculator
  • Baby healthcare and safety tips and articles
  • Baby kicks counter
  • Baby development weekly updates
  • Food safety suggestions
  • Information about the changes in your body internally and externally
  • Pregnancy and baby songs
  • Pregnant mother health tips and guidance
  • Track contractions and take images

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Pregnancy apps

Some of the common ones that women use are as follows:

Pregnancy Due date calculator

Pregnancy due date calculator helps you calculate your baby’s due date. This calculator can tell when your baby is due. It also gives information about the pregnancy milestone and when to expect your baby.

Google Play

Pregnancy ++

This app is one of the world’s most popular apps for pregnancy guidance. It gives information about exercise, diet, and labor. Pregnancy ++ app also gives you advice about the weeks and months of development of the baby.

Google Play

I’m Expecting

It is a straightforward app. It focuses on tips and weekly updates on baby growth.
Pregnant women can easily communicate with the doctor and can get the appointment quickly. In this app, pregnant women can comfortably ask questions to the doctor, to which the doctor responds instantly. The App is very convenient and handy.

Google Play

Pregnancy Assistant

Pregnancy Assistant is straightforward to use. Baby growth development can be tracked week by week in this app.

Google Play

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Pregnancy apps are smart software programs that can help pregnant women in many ways. The most important revolutionary step is making non-medical people aware of the essential information they ought to know. This can help in day to day tasks related to pregnancy.

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  1. This is a good summary of the range of pregnancy apps that are available and the benefits they offer. However, anyone who is considering using apps or online services while trying to conceive or during pregnancy should carefully examine what data is collected by the service and how that data is used. There are often serious privacy concerns that should be considered. For more information and examples, please see my recent book, “Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads” (

    1. Thanks, Frederick for the comment and yes these apps can have some serious privacy concerns. Your book seems promising. If you would like to write anything on the topic, you are most welcome.
      Let me know and I will direct you to the right spot.

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