Amazon Echo Sub
Image Courtesy: Pocket-lint
A new leak shows Amazon Echo Sub is about to be released.

Amazon is ready for yet another surprise hardware event just like last year. And to our surprise, it is happening today!
Last year, Amazon just dropped the news of its new Echo devices hitting the market soon. Looks like Amazon is a sucker for surprise events. The event will not have any live coverage so we will have to wait until the event is over and official announcements are made.
So, what are we expecting this time? Remember how we told you in our article about a new technology that Amazon is working on that will integrate Alexa in appliances? Well, we think this is it. But wait there’s more…
According to Pocket-lint, a recent leak showed that Amazon will be announcing a subwoofer as a descendant of its Echo series. This will be known as Echo Sub. It will carry 6-inch down firing woofer. For now, one color is confirmed i.e., black. Whether we are going to get it in more colors or not, we have no idea.

Amazon Echo Sub
Image Courtesy: Pocket-lint

This woofer is capable of being connected to up to 2 Echo devices. If you are a sucker for speakers with a heavy feel, with Echo and Echo Sub, you can have a little DIY music system. This feature is specifically interesting because it gives you the option of stereo pairing. For those of you who don’t know what stereo pairing is, it is when you connect speakers using Bluetooth.
Echo Sub is set to release on October 11th.
Let’s wait till Amazon officially announces what it has in store for us.

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