Parkinson's disease diagnosis through AI.
Parkinson's disease diagnosis through AI.

It’s always a treat when technology and medicine meet. It is even more interesting when you see two powers join hands to serve a cause especially in a field where they are already competing.

The Chinese tech giant Tencent has teamed up with a renowned medical firm of London, Medopad to use artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of Parkinson Disease.

Ever wondered about the trauma and pain that patients with Parkinson’s disease go through? All those trips to the hospital with shaky hands and imbalanced steps?

The Chinese and UK based firms have come together to facilitate the patients with Parkinson’s disease to make things easier for them.
Medopad is a sprouting UK based firm that has been making software to treat Patients. Medopad has developed a smartphone technology that would monitor Parkinson’s patients in less than 4 minutes without having the need to visit the hospital.

Tencent, as compared to Medopad, is a Chinese tech giant that has made some significant investment in the AI world. Tencent is contributing to the cause by providing AI solutions that can detect the deterioration of Parkinson’s disease in patients without using any physical sensors or devices.

This goal is achieved through a smart camera that monitors and analyzes patients’ movement to figure out the severity of the disease. The research team supervising this project has trained the AI with existing videos and records from original patients. The system is learning different behaviors and severity of these behaviors. Artificial intelligence is expected to perform results based on these learned behaviors.

The collaboration aims at reducing the assessment time for patients as well as making the process a lot more comfortable and torture free. In an interview with BBC, Wei Fan made a statement that reads:

“We are looking forward to clinical trials in both China and US and other countries. We will strictly follow local regulations and when we have the results they will benefit not just one country but globally”.

The most critical task for this joint venture is to refrain from all kinds of political involvements and influences to proceed.

We wish best of luck to both entities for their continued success.

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