iPhone XS and XS Max

Well, just after a few days of the launch, iPhone XS and XS Max are hit with a bug!

Yes, you read that right. The most awaited overpriced iPhone XS and XS Max made it to the market just a couple of days ago and are reportedly hit with a charging bug. This has led to a sheer disappointment among many iPhone X fans.

The iPhone users have reported that the phone doesn’t start charging when the screen is idle. Plugging a charger to an inactive screen does nothing. As soon as the screen becomes active charging is carried out normally.
Initially, the news about this bug was thought to be a rumor. Later a stream of YouTube videos and other forum posts confirmed it. There is a contradictory statement about this bug among iPhone XS users.
As the bug has been reported in some handsets and not all, we assume that this has something to do with the iOS software rather than hardware. People around the web have started making assumptions regarding different factors that might be responsible for the initiation of this bug.
One of the most appealing assumptions is that the bug is related to the Apple’s security checks on USB ports in iOS 12. This check is kept to ensure the security of devices when it comes to data extractions. Assumptions are that the same functionality has affected the charging as well.
In the past, we learned about the bugs and problems associated with iOS 11 such as auto-correction and unresponsive screens. Therefore, it seems safe to say that Apple engineers would be soon taking up this issue as well and come up with an iOS update to fix it.
We hope that Apple resolves this issue as soon as possible to avoid disappointing its followers.

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