Holidays can get distressing for the dogs. The primary reason for this is the fact that the loud music and especially fireworks can have a troubling effect on them. Dogs have a much wider hearing range as compared to humans. This means that the fireworks are not nice-sounding pops to their sensitive ears. Applying the simple technology in headphones and cars, the automotive company Ford has designed soundproof kennels. These homes for dogs will cancel distressing noise during holidays and soothe the pups.

Ford has basically used the same technology they used in their latest Ford Edge SUV. The luxury car was designed to cancel the irritating noise from the engine and transmission. The kennel essentially uses the same noise-canceling hardware. People love dogs, and there is no better way to put the technology into more use.

The Making:

During pyrotechnic displays that are usual for human ears but are obnoxious for dog ears, the new Ford kennel will help. Technically, the new kennel has internal microphones that can detect if a loud noise is being produced. The microphone would then immediately connect to an audio system inside the kennel. This sound system would then release counter frequencies that would oppose the sound. As a result, the opposing frequency would cancel or at least significantly reduce the loud noise. The kennel also has soundproofing cork panels, soundproof ventilation, and anti-vibration risers. There is also an automatic door that would immediately take in the dog to relief.

Lyn West is the brand content manager, Marketing Communications, Ford of Europe. He said in a statement:

We wondered how the technologies we use in our cars could help people in other situations. Making sure dogs and their owners could enjoy a stress-free New Year’s Eve seemed like the perfect application for our Active Noise Control system, and we have a few more ideas in progress as to how our everyday lives might benefit from a little Ford know-how.


Although the idea of a soundproof kennel does not sound especially attractive. However, it is a well-known fact that dog owners have to work extra hard to protect their dogs’ hearing. It gets even more difficult for people that live in areas where fireworks are especially a norm in holiday celebrations. With this new kennel by Ford, these people can safely tuck in their pets and enjoy the show themselves.

Graeme Hall is one of UK’s best dog trainers. He says:

Many animals find fireworks scary – and compared to people, dogs can hear things that are four times further away, and across a much wider range of frequencies. Preparing in advance of firework displays is the key – and part of that is to identify a place where your pets feel safe and happy.

The product is called the Ford Quiet Kennel Prototype. According to the company, this form of the kennel is just ‘for now.’ Ford has announced that this is just the first in a series of similar products called ‘interventions.’ These involve using Ford’s vehicle technology in other situations that do not involve automobiles.

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