The world is facing severe climate changes along with increased carbon accumulation, which is a massive threat to human existence. The panel has issued a report that alarms the concerned people about the impact of global warming.

It is high time to wake up the sleeping humans; we can still make a difference.

The pace with which we are moving toward a warmer world is lamentable. The global warming which was supposed to stay around 1.5C is now reaching a 3C which is alarming.

The report was issued after three years of research and a week of thorough discussion between scientists and officials in South Korea. This report has raised some serious questions on the human lifestyle around the globe. The point that intrigued us the most is that we, ourselves, are moving towards destruction with luxuries such as transport vehicles, factories, and industries. Not only has it led to the birth of diseases but has also taken us far from a “safe to live on the planet.”

The report mentioned that for coming back to what safe carbon amounts and optimum life climate are, we need to spend  2.5% of global GDP for almost two decades.

The mentioned amount and time is neither accepted by the economist nor the general public who are least informed of the threat awaiting them.

The call to save this planet demands changes on a vast scale. It requires the complete involvement of governments and individuals. A come back to the average carbon levels can only be achieved if a lot of machines and plants are deployed to capture all the excess carbon from the atmosphere and earth it for good.

The report compares global warming at 1.5C and 2C.  The research behind this report has come up with some excellent suggestions to bring global warming back to 1.5C. These include the elimination of coal usage ultimately. Only a full stop on coal consumption can decrease global warming by 2%. Analyzing the critical situation, Prof. Jim Skea gave her stance on the report, saying:

“They really need to start work immediately. The report is clear that if governments just fulfill the pledges they made in the Paris agreement for 2030, it is not good enough. It will make it very difficult to consider global warming of 1.5C”.

The story has not only highlighted the dangers but has also urged people to work upon their lifestyles so that they may play their part towards a safer and livable planet.

We have decided to watch out our carbon emission, what are your plans to ensure a green planet?

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  1. I don’t think most people will downgrade their lifestyle even if it results in total collapse of the planet.

    1. I know and that’s going to affect them in the long run and they keep denying the stats. Even when they do accept these impending problems as problems, not many of them tend to do anything about it.

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