23andMe, Welcome to You
23andMe, introducing you to your own DNA.

Initially, the genetic screening company, 23andMe, offered a health test for depression medication in its original gene testing kit. However, in 2013, the company was forced to no longer sell such products or apply to get federal approval out of fear that these tests would be mistaken for health advice by the people.
The Food and Drug Administration gave permission to the company to sell some of their health screenings again, last year. 23andMe has, since then, brought back some of its original products and a new one. It has added in its screenings a test for the BRCA gene, which is known to be involved in the development of breast cancer.
After the most recent addition, the only original screening missing is the pharmacogenomics, which is the test for depression medication.
Anne Wojcicki, the CEO, and founder of the Silicon Valley Startup is reported to have said,

“When we can bring pharmacogenomics back, then we have a complete product back”

The company currently offers tests for ancestral background,┬ábreast cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s for the price of $199. These tests have all been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The company would need the FDA’s approval before launching any further tests as they sell their products directly to the public. If approved, this test could prove to be really helpful to those who opt for it.
As Anne Wojcicki said,

“I think one thing genetics can do is help prevent a lot of early deaths.”

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