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Video sharing site Vimeo has introduced a channel that is specifically for holographic videos. You might be familiar with holograms. For those of you who aren’t, holograms are 3D images that look very real.

The website took a step further to create videos that stand out in a ‘real life’ situation. Vimeo had pushed themselves so hard to build the reputation of video technology.

Vimeo has collaborated with a holographic company called Looking Glass Factory. These two corporations are working to make videos with the help of Looking Glass to make a channel for holographic videos. The best part about it is that you do not need special glasses to watch the video in a holographic manner. These videos will live stream glasses-free with a sense of depth and effort of 3D format.  Pretty cool, right?

The videos you see are currently demos which beats up to adding apps one by one. Producers and videographers can upload their own holographic videos. Vimeo has video tutorials that aid them to walk through the format.

“We focus a lot on trying to make these things accessible and web-first,”
– Casey Pugh, Head of Vimeo’s Creator Lab

The video-sharing company marked the situation of holographic video channel with a strong interest in volumetric video capture.

The two companies faced issues making holographic videos. Vimeo Creator Labs, a group inside the company of Vimeo experimented the approach of new technologies of holographic videos and carried out some early investigations. The Head of Creator’s lab stated the volumetric video has not been accessible so far.

“I think the problem with volumetric video right now is that it hasn’t been very accessible.”
– Casey Pugh

In spite of the problem, the two companies are doing a challenging collaboration of acquiring a holographic display. In terms of the features, the display size is the about 8.9-inch holographic display which will ship in December and is worth $399 only for crowdfunding backers.

Let us hope the channel for holographic videos works well for Vimeo! Stay tuned to our updates!

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