CNET carried out a durability test on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which was live-streamed on their official YouTube Channel. The results of the test revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Fold could only last up to 120,000 folds.

Here are the highlights from the 14-hour long live stream of the durability test carried out by CNET:

Samsung also claimed to carry out a durability test of Galaxy Fold, a short video of which was posted on their Newsroom as well. This durability assessment was conducted to find out whether the Galaxy Fold could bear being folded and unfolded 200,000 times (equal to around five years of usage, if used 100 times a day) and which would take a whole week to complete. The video posted by Samsung only revealed a glimpse of how the folding bot folded and unfolded the Galaxy Fold.

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However, the full-fledged 14-hour long durability test carried out by CNET brought forth a completely different picture. CNET used a folding bot developed by SquareTrade (a company based in San Francisco) to test Galaxy Fold. The test conducted by SquareTrade itself revealed that the device blacked out at around 120,000 folds, with “pixel blob” and “deteriorated hinge action.” CNET also shared that they were looking forward to trying 200,000 consecutive folds and unfolds on Galaxy Fold, just like Samsung had claimed in their short video, but after 119,380 folds, the hinge got ruined, and the screen went black. These folds were equivalent to around three years of use, unlike what Samsung’s claim of 200,000 (which equals to about five years of use).

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The durability test carried out by CNET does not exactly mimic a user’s daily interaction with their Galaxy Fold; however, it does offer a clear picture of how much a Galaxy Fold can actually bear, and the results reveal visible problems with the screen.

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