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Apple might reveal a new iPad Pro, MacBook Air successor, Mac Mini and AirPower at Apple October Event

Apple is heading to Brooklyn to host a special event tomorrow. The company is reportedly set to announce new hardware this year. Last month Apple announced the iPhones XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and Apple Watches in an event at Apple Park. The only things remaining are the new iPad Pro and MacBook. Here is what we think Apple is most likely to unveil:

What to expect at Apple October Event?

New iPad Pro

apple event october 2018
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A redesigned iPad is supposed to be released on October 30th as leaks suggest that Apple is working on a bezel-less iPad Pro and FaceID. It seems like Apple is saying goodbye to the iconic home button and obliterating it from all of their products. The new iPhones no longer have a home button and after halting the production of iPhone X, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, it seems like we will never see the home button in any Apple product again.
The new iPad Pro is also said to be bezel-less which means a gorgeous screen and vast canvas for artists to play with their creations. As reported by 9to5Mac, an exclusive icon in iOS 12 beta update hints that the new iPad Pro will be bezel-less. Previously, an iPhone X icon showing no home button was found in iOS code. The update also hints at new Apple Pencil features. By looking at the event invites containing many illustrations of Apple’s logo, it seems like Apple is planning something big for the artists.


The long-awaited AirPower is also expected to appear in the event. AirPower is Apple’s take on wireless charging and was absent at this year iPhone XS event. It’s evident that Apple is delaying AirPower, but even if Apple announces it in today’s event, we can’t expect public sales anytime soon.
With wireless charging in new iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch Series, AirPower is a relief that supports all of them. We are hoping to see AirPower on stage this time.

New MacBook Air?

apple october event 2018
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As reported by Bloomberg, Apple is working on a low-cost laptop other than MacBook Pro. The new addition in the MacBook lineup is reportedly a replacement for MacBook Air. The report also says that Apple is also working on bringing a Mac Mini for Pro users. Finally, we might be seeing a Mac Mini focused for professionals.
Mac lineup is the company’s oldest devices, and limited sales might end with the release of a new Mac Mini and an affordable MacBook Air replacement.
The current MacBook Air costs $1000 and is the only laptop by Apple without a Retina Display. It was updated with faster processor last year but still looking for a significant change. 2015’s MacBook was seen as a replacement to the MacBook Air, but it starts with $300 more costly than the Air. A cheap MacBook will be a blow of fresh air in the laptop industry.
Other than these expectations, we are hoping for more surprises. TechEngage will be covering this event, stay tuned for more updates. Follow TechEngage on Facebook, Twitter for live updates of Apple October Event.
You can stream Apple October Event live here. The event will start at 10 AM EDT.
Let us know what do you think about the rumored Apple products.

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