Good news for all the game geeks out there! Acer just launched Predator Thronos; a gaming chair.

The company unveiled a series of incredible gaming gadgets at its press conference in Berlin this Wednesday out of which Predator Thronos is some next level accessory. The chair could revolutionize the way we play games and is so amazing that we can’t even contain this ripple of excitement.
So let’s just head straight to what we know about it so far.

What does it look like?

Predator Thronos is made up of steel. It’s 1.5 meters tall and has a hosting cabin that can recline up to 140 degrees. Its overhead embrace can fit three 27-inch monitors in front of your face and is capable of hosting an entire Predator gaming PC.
Predator Thrones
Predator Thronos is not just a chair it is more like a small gaming cabin that you can hop into and feel completely in control of; straight out of your favorite Sci-fi movie, right? Hardcore video-gamers will be getting goosebumps after reading this.
And the chair won’t hurt your butt as this one comes with a set of buttons lined up especially to make you all cozy. You also get a footrest Predator Thronos is very comfy, take our word for it. To give you the full feel of a Sci-Fi movie, the chair responds to your moves as in vibrates while you play.
Predator Thronos
However, the games you play are controlled through a mainstream keyboard and a mouse. It’s a bummer because, in our fulfilling gaming fantasy, there were paddles and hand breaks (in short complete motorization) that made it absolutely unbeatable.
Predator Thronos
If you are thinking about the monitors that will be compatible with the system than look no further; Acer also released a bunch of 27-inch gaming monitors that can be used with the Predator Thronos.

Key features

The system has 3840x 2160 pixel resolution which is good enough for exquisite visuals. But then again, that depends on the type of computer you are using it with.
Its IPS panel offers a wide game gamut (90% of the DCI-P3 color space). Further, the chair is also VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified. Thronos also offers Nvidia’s G-Sync tech that prevents screen tearing.
Moreover, Acer has equipped it with its very own VisionCare software suite making sure that nothing stops you from the long gaming sessions.

Acer Nitro XV273K Monitor

To go perfectly well with the gaming chair, Acer introduced the Nitro XV273K monitor as well. The monitor delivers extremely high refresh rates with breath-taking resolution. As the company says, the visuals reflect ‘true-to-life’ colors in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) for a complete gaming experience.
Predator Thronos
Moreover, it syncs with PC’s graphics cards that ensure dynamic refresh rates that minimize the lag. The monitor is also equipped with Integrated Visual Response Boost™ (VRB). This is important as it decreases the blur between fast-moving images.
Its six-axis color adjustment lets you tune color, hue, and saturation as you like. You also get to choose from 11 black level options to optimize visual advantage. What’s even better is that the monitor comes with three configurations to adjust brightness and efficiency. The three configurations are:

  • Nitro XV273K P (IPS, 27” UHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 90% WCG)
  • Nitro XV272U P (IPS, 27” WQHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 95% WCG)
  • Nitro XF272U P (TN, 27” WQHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 90% WCG)

Price and release date

Acer has not yet revealed the price as well as the release date for Thronos. Given that three 27-inch monitors are required to complete the system, it’s rather obvious how hefty this one is going to be in your pocket. Moreover, the VisionCare suite that you’d definitely want to pair it with will cost you about $900 if you’re thinking about Nitro XV273K.

What do we think about it?

For starters, Thronos feels like a gaming dream come true; it’s a complete space with high-tech equipment surrounding you and responding to your moves. It’s high-end protection and level of comfort that delves you completely in another world enhances the user experience.
If you are as much excited for Thronos as we then start saving up. Trust us, you’ll need it!

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