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Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi is holding an event in New York on 8th December 2018. The company is planning to unveil some of their products in the US market.

Xiaomi did not reveal why they are having an event but will plan to expand their electronics in the American market.  It is the first time the company is entering its electronics in the US markets.

The company claimed that the upcoming event will consider as the ‘biggest party yet.’ Xiaomi fans will experience the ‘latest and greatest Xiaomi products.’ The fans can also meet the Xiaomi US team along with special guests and celebrities. The company released Mi Box S, Mi Electric Shooter, Mi Power Bank Pro and Mi Home Security Camera in the USA.

According to Reddit, Operational Project Manager Aaron Yang posted a link on the company site. The link stated if fans are interested in the event, then they have to register. Once the registration is done, the team will select the number of people to attend the event. The post stated that American based fans would be entertained. If you want to register for the event,  click on the link for the registration form.

The event could mark the company’s entry into the North American market. Back in March, Xiaomi wanted to enter its products into the market in the US. But due to the constraints of the Chinese companies in the American market, the company had to postpone the entry to the country.

There is no further information about the venue and the timings, but the company will reveal the full details in the upcoming weeks.

The company launched Mi Mix 3 smartphone on 25th October 2018. The smartphone has highlighted as the first 10 GB RAM in the smartphone market. The device has certain interesting and high-end specifications. It is considered as the highly-awaited global releases. If the product is showcased, then the presence of this smartphone would gain the level of attention in the US market.

The company might show off other products too like Pocophone F1 and Black Shark gaming smartphone along with other accessories like power banks, scooter and many more.

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