Do you think you waste too much time signing papers or documents? People format a document, print it, sign it, and scan into the computer. It takes both your time and money.

It is a digital age, there are numbers of new inventions, just like electronic signatures. E-signing let their users sign documents in seconds.

Many tools are available on the internet such as sodapdf word, these tools not just allow you to sign your documents in seconds but they also save your documents and give you quick access whenever you want.

Now the business world also acknowledges the advantages of these techniques for digital signatures. It is a most comfortable and effective way to sign online agreements and transactions. Electronic signatures prevent unnecessary delays from posting the documents to other parties. Also, it is a secure way to sign documents because traditional signatures can be forged or copied.

Consume less time

Electronic signature reduces the time required in obtaining signed documents. Traditionally signed documents process take five to six days, but on the other hand, E-sign takes five to six minutes to receive signed documents. It is a stress-free sign process and sends reminders to signers.

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Economic savings

Indeed, companies which are using electronic signature don’t only save their time but money too.

Here is comparison coast of both traditional and modern process of signing.

Traditional Process: Suppose 400 documents of two pages each, is a total of eight hundred pages and a bundle of thousand sheets costs 9$, plus toner and shipping cost.

Electronic Signature: this process does not hold any shipment, paper, or toner charges. It allows you to send unlimited documents to sign in a fixed amount.

Enhance security

Online signature tools help you to protect your private and legal documents. These tools don’t allow anyone to enter into your personal records. No one can copy your signature. It alerts the original owner if anyone tries to break the security system or want to check documents without your permission.

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Legal value

Most people ask about the legal value of this invention. Now in these days, people feel more comfortable with an electronic signature, but some are still reluctant and questions about its validity and the ability to use it as proof, if for any reason they required signed documents to be used in a legal context. Now, this new invention is also working in government offices, and they use E-signature for legal documents without any hesitation.

Quick and faster service

Electronic signature provides a fast service to its user in their business. This tool allows us to sign documents in seconds and also enable us to send the signed papers to another party. It does not need any post office or envelopes with stamps and addresses. You have to add the email id of another signer, and he will be able to sign your documents without any hindrance.

Now it’s time to quit your traditional ink pen signature method. With the electronic signature, you can sign your papers online. It cuts down turnaround time by more than 80%. E-signature send online documents even before the ink has dried on page.

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