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Apple store was looted in Palo Alto, the city of California, in less than 12 hours during the launch of iPhone XS on the weekend.

The U.S Police reported that 17 persons were arrested as suspects. Upon further investigation, Police informed that another gang of burglars looted 19 counties of California and managed to rob accessories worth $1 million.
Within two days, Palo Alto was robbed, and nearly $107,000 worth of iPhones and other fancy devices were stolen. These two consecutive robberies at Palo Alto occurred during the launch of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max when the store was filled with the passionate crowd.
On Friday Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a report:
“The defendants are charged with entering the stores in large groups wearing hoodies and snatching products on display,”
Robbers succeeded in stealing the accessories worth $20,000 at once.
Becerra further declared that:
Seven adults were arrested on September 25 and booked in the Alameda County Jail. Another is in custody in Sonoma County. Arrest warrants have been issued for nine other suspects. The probe is on,”
It is observed that the number of robberies at Apple Stores has increased in recent years. During September and August, the regions of CA were robbed nine times. Reported this Sunday, the Apple Store located in Santa Rosa was looted twice in a month. This puts a question on Apple’s security measures.
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Being a fancy organization, Apple needs to strengthen its hardware security procedures, especially during launching sessions. The crowd in store launch must be checked to make sure any suspected person doesn’t make an entry along with the group. Apple should place strict checks on store entry points and make sure that people, as well as the products in the launch, are safe.
Apple should take this issue seriously; otherwise, the company won’t be able to organize launching events in the future.
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