WiFi Map
WiFi Map is a map for free WiFi hotspots.

WiFi Map is a map covering all the spots that have free WiFi around the world.

Ever wondered how easier life would be when instead of roaming about for your favorite three words, ‘open WiFi available’ (or are they not?), you preemptively knew where to find free WiFi?

Yes, WiFi Map is an app that will literally provide you the map of free WiFis while you commute. If you are on a vacation and feel like showing off your tan to your Instagram followers instantly, WiFi Map can work out a free WiFi to connect to.

Are you thinking what am I thinking? How does it do it, right?

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The basics

Here’s the catch; if a member of the app community adds a free WiFi while visiting a particular place and you happen to visit it afterward, you’ll be able to know about it without even requiring the internet in the first place. For the WiFi hotspots that need a password, you’ll get one with the other details of the WiFi. Through this, millions of WiFis can be added in the app that can later be used by the members of the app community without the grind. For millennials, a community that uses WiFi together, stays together, no?

WiFi Map

The members even get the liberty of sharing the app with their friends for a quicker access. For travelers (what other example do you expect from a travel enthusiast), getting a free WiFi is a blessing as data charges can get hefty on the pocket. A free WiFi can save you some bucks. As long as you are in the country this app provides its services in, you don’t have to care a thing about its coverage.

WiFi Map

Moreover, the best part is that you can even save the maps offline. There’s also a very interactive content section where you can even let the others know how good/bad the WiFi works.

The interface is user-friendly which is a major plus. The app is very easy to use and once you open it, you’ll know what to do. And appearance wise, the app looks good; its simple and yet social-network-like design makes it all the handier.

It covers all the hot favorite cities of Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Yes, it basically covers all your travel destinations and metropolis (the list of countries it provides its services in is exhausting).

Further, another interesting thing about the app is that it can even do a network speed test for you. This saves you a lot of time on having to wait for a video to load or an image to upload when the connection is not even worth it. Like other apps, this one has ads too but you can turn them off permanently by switching to its Pro version (paid, obviously) or earning 2,000 points. The users earn points on the basis of their activity on the app.

Everything is as easy as we are portraying it to be, take our word for it.

What it offers:

  • 100 million free WiFis (countless accessible hotspots)
  • Interactive with passwords and comments (list view of passwords along with the network)
  • A complete social community (using and adding WiFi connection is piece of cake)
  • Offers worldwide free offline cities

WiFi Map

What do we think?

An app that provides you a map of free WiFis and works offline for a bunch of features, what are you in a century old to not have it?

On a serious note, we loved the app and its interactive features are the cherry on top. It offline features allow you to use access it without having to worry about the internet. Further, the network of its coverage accommodates almost all the common and most visited places around the globe.

This app can seriously level up your social networking game while commuting. It is definitely a 10/10 from us. This one ought to be one of your must-have apps the next time you travel to another country or a city.

However, using free wifi still contains many potential risks. So, if you’re at home, it’s unnecessary to try to connect to a free wifi; instead, use a reliable internet service provider like Frontier. You can check out this review on Frontier for more information on its plans and speeds.

Until we meet on the WiFi Map! 😉

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