Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint scanner has reportedly malfunctioned, and the company will now have to come up with a software fix as soon as possible, so as not to embarrass itself any more.

The fault was brought to light when a couple in the UK discovered that after using a gel screen protector bought on eBay for £2.70, anyone’s fingerprint impression could unlock the phone. The incident was covered by The Sun Newspaper in UK, and further details revealed that the phone belonged to Lisa Neilson, whose fingerprint was the only one registered on her phone. To protect the screen from damage, she bought a screen cover online and after applying it, not only could she unlock her phone with just any finger, her husband could also do the same (although his fingerprint was not registered on the device at all).

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The couple contacted Samsung to report the issue, in answer to which a spokesperson responded

“We are aware of the case of s10’s malfunctioning fingerprint and will soon issue a software patch.”

Samsung’s in-display fingerprint scanning makes use of ultrasonic sensors to identify users by way of 3D ridges of fingerprints created on the screen. The exact reasons behind this malfunction are still unknown, though earlier reports suggested that using some screen covers can cause issues with Samsung’s reader or leave small air gaps that hamper the scanning process.

A Samsung spokeswoman said:

“We’re investigating this internally. We recommend all customers to use Samsung authorised accessories, specifically designed for Samsung products.”

Until Samsung finds a solution for this problem, it is best to not use the fingerprint scanning method and resort to unlocking your Galaxy S10 with a PIN, Pattern or Password.

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Samsung has issued a recent statement, according to which the new software fix will be out as early as next week. The issue might be faced by users of Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10 5G, as well as Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Furthermore, Samsung has also advised its users not to go for any other screen protectors until the new software patch is released. In the meantime, users should also try removing their screen covers, deleting the previously registered fingerprints, and then re-registering them without the cover.

A software update is planned to be released as early as next week, and once updated, please be sure to scan your fingerprint in its entirety so that the all portions of your fingerprint, including the center and corners have been fully scanned.

Updated with Samsung’s official statement about the fingerprint security issue.

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