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Image Credit: Google will now offer Real Time translations to all Google Assistant headphones.

Pixel Buds is still pale in comparison to Apple’s ear-pods when it comes to sale numbers, but since Pixel Buds offer real-time translation, they are a technological marvel.

Google has finally decided to up its game. The company will now offer Real Time translations to all Google Assistant headphones.

Real-time translation means the earphones can pick up conversations in different languages and translate them on the fly. This is a really cool feature and totally something out of some sci-fi movie.

Before this breaking news, the Real-time translation was only available on Pixel and Pixel 2 devices with Google Pixel Buds. But now the Pixel Buds support pages says, “Google Translate is available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones.”

This should come as quite a pleasant surprise to all Google fans who do not own Pixel phones or don’t have a pair of Pixel Buds. This news might have come as a surprise to most people, but for the most hardcore of Google fans, this makes total sense.

The normal USB-C earphones that came with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones were already capable of doing the real-time translation. Another prime example is the LG Tone SE neck buds which have this feature working perfectly.

LG Tone SE is the first Tone series earphones to feature the Google Assistant.
Moreover, this feature isn’t just reserved for the latest Pixel line of smartphones either, they have been tested to work with the Essential phone as well.

Other Google Assistant-powered headphones such as the Sony WH-H900N or Bose’s QC35 IIs should theoretically be able to support real-time translations as well.

Google Pixel Buds were exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel 2 phones and had a very futuristic over the neck light-weight design. They were released in North America in late 2017 and in other major countries such as Australia, Germany and the UK in early 2018.

Even though they offered good sound, their stand out feature was Google Assistant and real-time translations. They were good for adventurers, spontaneously active people and frequent flyers. At the time of their release, the Google Pixel Buds were a real game-changer.

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Their price wasn’t too bad either, costing around $159 at the Google Store, they were affordable for most people, given how many features they offered.

But since Google Assistant and Google translation will now be available on other headphones, most users might opt for some cheaper options. At the moment, Google hasn’t revealed a full list of headphones that will support Google Assistant.

Meanwhile, iOS users might be left disappointed. iOS users will be able to download the Google Assistant and continue to use it on Google Assistant headphones, it will be highly unlikely that the real-time translation feature will get transferred to iOS devices.

Heres a list of the languages available for Google Assistant real-time translations

Google Pixel Buds
Credit: Google
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