Epson's latest projector
Epson's Home Cinema 4010 projector will offer enhanced contrast, color accuracy and brightness while still being pretty affordable, around $2000

Epson’s latest projector, the Home Cinema 4010 offers great 4K visual experience while remaining pretty affordable. The projector is built upon Epson’s New 4K PRO-UHD Technology.

It will be on sale for $2000. Epson’s latest creation seems like a scientific marvel, perfect for small home theaters for avid movie lovers.

4K PRO-UHD technology will have a ton of unique little tricks that seem like they were created by an army of mad scientists.

The technology one-ups Epson’s resolution-enhancement technology, advanced pixels shifting, 100 percent balanced color brightness, high dynamic range, and a wide spectrum DCI-P3 color gamut.

What all this mumbo jumbo means is that Home Cinema 4010 will be able to deliver project pixel perfect resolution, enhanced colors, and brightly lit imagery which the whole family can enjoy in a cozy setting.

Senior product manager Rodrigo Catalan said, “Epson’s new Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD projector represents a new type of 4K experience for home theater projection.”

He further went on to say, “Utilizing proprietary resolution-enhancement technology, along with advanced forms of HDR and image processing, the Home Cinema 4010 produces incredible brightness, color accuracy, and image detail for the ultimate 4K experience.”

Although the projector, like other projectors, doesn’t support Dolby Vision or HDR10+, the 200,000:1 contrast ratio offers no small feat to accomplish.

What’s most impressive, however, is the crystal clear white balance and color balance the Home Cinema provides. For the purpose of statistics, both color and white units have 2400 lumens, which is a lot if you ask me.

By utilizing Epson’s highly intricate 15-element glass projection lens, the Home Cinema 4010 makes even the smallest tiniest of details stand out in front of users’ eyes.

This both enhances the High Dynamic Range and provides a one-of-a-kind 4K viewing experience which will leave customers breathless.

More Facts and figures about Epson Home Cinema 4010

  • Silky Smooth Images and Transitions: A 12-bit digital color processing chip with Advanced Motion Control and Frame Control makes animation feel like butter.
  • The absence of a Color Wheel: This mechanism prevents any color blurring to occur; balances color.
  • Epson 4K PRO-UHD technology: This upgraded version of pixel-shifting tech results in an engaging 4K experience. Colors, resolution, and brightness all feel like they belong on a native 4K TV panel.
  • Dedicated hardware processing: mechanics to individually and accurately control three 1920 x 1080 Full HD LCD panels
  • Epson’s Advanced 3-Chip, 3LCD Technology: state-of-the-art 3-chip infrastructure and complex parallel pixel processing provide vivid color brightness, color gamut, and authentic color accuracy.
  • Epson’s Advanced Projection Lens: state-of-the-art 15-element glass projection lens will be able to output vivid, consistent imagery with practically no chromatic anomalies or hotspots.

A 65 inch 4K TV from any of the big names such as Sony or Samsung can go up to $6000 depending on the features they offer.

If projectors continue to evolve in this way, they will soon be able to compete with 4K TVs. Currently, 4K TVs are still quite expensive.

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