Have you ever seen a music video and thought “This song would be amazing to sing along to in a concert crowd” but just didn’t know where to look for tickets or artists’ schedule? Well, you are in luck.

YouTube has made a deal with the largest event technology platform, Eventbrite. YouTube will display the tour date listings in the descriptions of the songs on an artists’ official channel with a “Tickets” button with each listing which will lead the user directly to Eventbrite.
Previously, Youtube’s tie-in Ticketmaster performed a similar function but this update comes with its own perks for the streaming giant. There has been a promise of increasing the number of artists that would comply with this ticketing process.
YouTube has already monetized on its videos in different ways. They’ve had moderate success with Super Chat, Channel memberships and the Teespring’s deal for merchandise sales.
Thousands of artists with Official Channels will be integrated into this venture but it is solely focused on concerts in the United States. However, promises have been made to include more venues in North America and to develop a plan for an international expansion.
YouTube organizes 70 percent of concert ticket sales in America. Soon, it could be in the world.

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