Boosting memory
Boosting your Memory!

Do you forget things that should be done on time? Are you often forgetful and lose things frequently? If your answer is a yes then here are the tips on improving your memory.

1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet helps to improve your memory if you divide the portions wisely. Not only does this keep you fit but it also helps to maintain a sharp and strong memory.

2. Get an adequate amount of sleep

Studies have shown that getting enough sleep is very important as your brain needs rest. Getting limited sleep results in poor memory and forgetfulness. A study showed nurses who work in the night shift did more mathematical mistakes and 68% of them had low scores on memory tests compared to nurses working in morning shifts.

3. Have some fresh air

Having some fresh air is an excellent tip as it helps refresh your mind after long hours of work. Even if you take a walk on a windy day, it will help to keep your mind refreshed after an exhausting day.

4. Consume less alcohol

For alcoholics, if you limit the amount of alcohol then this might do the job for you. Binge drinking is a pattern that increases the level of blood alcohol. A study suggested that 155 fresh grad students who drink six pints of alcohol weekly or monthly suffered memory loss compared to students who didn’t.

5. Play brain-related activities

Playing cognitive brain activities can boost your memory. There are good examples of brain-related activities such as crosswords, word search, and Tetris. These games are easily available on your mobile app. A study revealed adults with cognitive impairment who played brain games for 8 hours over a 4 week period showed signs of improved performance in a memory test.

6. Cut down on fatty foods

This is one of the reasons why obesity and heart attacks are on the rise. This is because fatty foods can block your brain vessels and lead to insulin inflammation. One study of 317 children found out that those who consume fatty foods resulted in poor memory.

7. Limit the amount of sugary foods

Eating sugary foods excessively leads to weak memory and especially in the area of the brain that stores short-term memory.  A study of more than 4000 people found that people who drink sugary beverages like soft drinks showed signs of poor memory compared to people who consume less sugar.

8. Exercise regularly

Doing exercise is one of the important factors in improving your memory. Research has shown that getting regular exercise helps to improve memory for all ages from children to elderly. A study of 144 people aged 19-93 did a 15 minute exercise on an immobile bike. The result stated that there was a sign of improved memory in all ages.

9. Avoid distractions

If you are studying for your upcoming exam, then choose a room that is silent and has no distractions such as phones, tablets, TV, people and pets. This will help you focus and will lead to boosting your memory.

10. Mediation

This is one of the most soothing methods as it reduces stress and boosts your memory. A study showed that Taiwanese college students who engaged in meditation practices had boosted sharp working memory compared to students without meditation.
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