Tencent has finally taken an initiative to protect children from over-gaming. Disclosed in the Wall Street Journal, Tencent decides to restrict gaming hours for children from different age groups in China.
This initiative is taken to protect avid game lovers aged 12-18 years from getting defocused. A number of children started to miss their home-works and ditch their sleep schedules just to play a little more.
A Tencent’s spokesperson said to the Wall Street Journal,

“Minor protection is an important task that the whole society pays close attention to. Tencent has a high degree of responsibility and obligation.”

The company started the initiative by restricting gamers, who were less than 12 years old, from one of the Tencent’s famous game “Honor of Kings.” Later, the company thought to impose the following restriction on gamers between 13-18 years of age:

  1.  Can’t play for more than two hours in a day
  2.  Can’t play from 9 pm till 8 am.

To implement these changes on all platforms, the company requires to upload a government identification on its servers for all new and existing accounts. These identities include some from the law enforcement agencies. Once implemented this can bring a huge change towards the betterment of society.
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Tencent is rapidly growing and is the new favorite of many youngsters. Not to forget, that the company can grow in leaps and bounds till 2020. Also, the company can manage to entertain a billion gamers from the current 604 million til 2020. This would also increase the company’s revenue by $24 million.
Tencent plans to implement these rules on all of its titles by 2019. The company has really taken a risk over its growing revenue and popularity. However, this initiative has made it clear that the company’s focus is towards a better community, where everyone acknowledges the stake they have in the society’s betterment!
We really appreciate this initiative by Tencent. What about you?

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