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It’s 2018 and surprisingly no fast chargers with the new iPhones
It’s 2018 and surprisingly no fast chargers with the new iPhones.

On September 12, Apple announced its much-awaited three new iPhones with different feature. But one thing among them is common: all are shipped with the same charger.

Apple doesn't provide fast chargers in iPhones

The charger is the same 5W adapter that Apple has been supplying for many years. It is one of the lowest power output chargers you can get on any phone today, and it is very slow. This charger costs around $19.

5W USB Power Adapter Apple

With the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple has introduced a fast charging feature in these devices. These phones support the USB power protocol and can take advantage of USB-C chargers, which are primarily designed for the MacBook for 30W USC-C Power Adapter to charge quickly. However, this charger is sold separately; You need lightning cable also with these chargers to charge your phone. The pair costs you around $68 ($49 for the Adapter and $19 for USB-C charging cable)

30W USB Power Adapter Apple

But, you don’t need to go with this expensive combination to get your iPhone charge fast. The Apple 12W charger is a popular alternative to increase the charging speed of your iPhone. This charger comes with every new iPad and, while providing a lackluster charging speed on the iPad, the iPhone receives a significant boost in comparison. However, this is also an optional accessory (unless you already have an iPad) and it costs $19.

12W USB Power Adapter Apple

Apple could add fast chargers with new phones so that users could argue something with the Android users, but it refuses to do so. Speaking of Android, almost all Android smartphones, which supports quick charging capability comes with the fast charger out of the box. Also, it’s a fact that usually most of the Android phones support fast charging (even budget ones) while this crucial feature is still limited to the 2017 and 2018 iPhones.

Older iPhones like iPhone 7 which is still on sale lacks this feature.

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We could say anything, but the fact remains that Apple is currently selling $1000+ iPhones with 5W chargers, and Apple fans will happily spend extra bucks for fast charging. But hey, you cannot be a trillion dollar company without cutting a few nooks, even if these corners are important.

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