Protecting Phone

Do you drop your phone frequently and end up cracking the screen? Welcome to the club!

Here are a handful of tips to protect your phone from damage:

Use a screen protector

The most important part of your phone is the screen, once the phone drops, the screen shatters and the phone won’t be able to function. The best solution to this problem is using a screen protector. A protector that is made out of a thin tempered glass. This helps to prevent it from breaking keeping it safe.

Use a good quality case

If the corner of your phone has got a scratch or a small crack, then it is time that you buy a phone case. The case has to be protective and of good quality. This will maximize the protection of your device and keep it shielded. This will also enhance the appearance of your phone.

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When putting your phone in the pocket, it has to be away from metal and other pointy things. Things with sharp edges may cause a scratch ruining your phone. Also, if you wear skinny or tight jeans, try to avoid putting your phone in the back pocket as this may bend it. To prevent this from happening, you should always put your phone in either a separate or front pocket.

Keep it away from water

When your phone is in contact with water, it becomes wet and dysfunctional. This happens during rain, at the beach, and wet hands and in the pool. Ensure that your phone does not get in contact with water unless your phone is waterproof. There are times when your phone screen is exposed to foggy weather and this ruins the phone. The best solution is not to expose your phone screen to mist.

Hold it firmly

The biggest issue why your phone gets damaged occasionally is because of the way with which you hold your phone. This is the main reason your phone drops that often. So, to solve this problem, hold your phone tightly. Never grip your phone loosely as it is very delicate.

Do not leave it unattended

There are certain times when phones are neglected and we do not keep it in a secure place.  So, ensure you never leave your phone in a place where it could easily get lost. Also, make sure you never leave your phone in the reach of children or pets.

Carry your phone with care

The most important tip here is to always carry your phone or any other device with care. These phones are fragile and easy to destruct. Sometimes hands or pockets are not always reliable to put them into. If phone cases are not available then buy pouches or belt clips that is designed for your phone. So, make sure you carry your phone in a careful manner.

Avoid extreme conditions

If your phone is exposed to hot and cold temperatures, it easily gets damaged. This damages the battery and hurts the internal components of the device which results in data loss and reduced battery life. You do not want this to happen right? So the best solution is not to expose the phone in extreme conditions and never leave it unattended.
Hope you find these tips helpful and take good care of your smartphone!

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