Twitter user Johnathan Mitchell was digging through the iOS 12.2 Beta 4 files and came across a peculiar thumbnail. It seems that Apple might be announcing the iPod Touch 7th Gen very soon.

It’s worth mentioning here that “HLSipod” refers to the 6th generation iPod Touch, while “HLSipod2” is definitely referring to a newer iPod Touch model. We see that it is a full-screen display, with the home button absent.

The design goes with the iPad Pro 2018, but we wonder if Apple will really be able to deliver a full-screen display on the iPod without a bezel or notch to keep the front camera for Face ID.

While we can’t really say what powers the new iPod Touch, it might be a variant of the A12 Bionic Processor. Apple hasn’t refreshed the iPod Touch line since 2015, and recent rumors suggest a new iPod Touch targeting gamers.

Finding a balance between price and performance in order to deliver a gaming device will be a tricky balancing act for the tech giant.

Apple will most likely reveal the device at WWDC which is set to take place in June 2019. Or they could make an appearance at Apple’s September and October events.

This could be prime time for Apple to enter the gaming market with a new iPod Touch, since it could be the year we see Sony and Microsoft release new versions of their home consoles. There is also a rumor that Google will enter the gaming space with an announcement at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

2019 could be a game-changer of a year for all the big names in hardware and software. Will Google and Samsung have the mettle to go toe-to-toe with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo in an already competitive market space? We can’t wait to find out!

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