Logitech crayon stylus
Logitech crayon stylus is perfect for schools.
Logitech’s Crayon stylus is up for sale for all.

Previously, the crayon was limited to only education customers. Logitech has now decided to go full ballpen (apologies for the Brooklyn 99 reference) and expand its outreach. The crayon stylus will be available on the company’s website as well as on the Apple stores.
The crayon was launched earlier this year but was only targeted for the schools. The pencil is made up of pure aluminum and the rubber over the holding edge assists an easy grip.

What is the crayon stylus about?

Logitech’s crayon stylus works just like others. It has a very kid-friendly design and is made specifically for classroom use. The pencil is made pixel-precise to give it a feel of a natural pencil.
The crayon pencil is designed to keep the iPad sixth generation in mind to avoid the compatibility issues. It has a large Multi-Touch Retina display that is sure to enhance your experience.
Logitech crayon stylus
Its palm rejection technology is the cherry on top. No matter how rough the kids may get with drawing on the iPad, it’s only the nib of the pencil that will generate a response. Its tilt also adjusts the thickness of the line. You can change the tilt to get the thickness as per your need.
Logitech crayon stylus
Logitech crayon stylus
Moreover, the pencil also supports a good deal of apps. But here’s the bummer; it does not have a good battery. It offers just a seven-hour battery life. It has a lightning port for charging.
Logitech crayon stylus

The price

The crayon which was previously $49.99 will now cost $69.99. Given that it is for the public use now, the price seems comparatively reasonable.


  • Lithium battery
  • 4 ft (1.2m) drop
  • Silicon rubber cap and aluminum tube
  • Dimensions: 163x 12x 8 mm
  • Lightweight (20g)

What do we think?

Logitech has done a pretty good job of opening the accessory’s market for the entire public. The price may be hiked but the features are still the same. The pencil looks stylish and is a good deal if you are an iPad user.
It’s clearly a yes from us! 😉

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