The much awaited, very first hardware device by the famous tech-giant Facebook has finally made it to the market!

Portal and Portal+ are shipping now for $199 and $349 respectively.

Amidst all the Facebook controversies the tech giant decided to launch its first ever hardware device. Till then until now, storms came and went, but Facebook was unstoppable. Finally, Facebook has announced the shipping of both the portal devices.
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Portal and Portal+ will be available on Amazon, BestBuy along with Moreover, Facebook has been just on point when it comes to the sales strategy.
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The company announced a $100 off on both the devices, which means you can buy both, Portal and Portal+ in $298 only!
Portal promises a real-time video calling experience to its followers. To deliver this, the device has been made with a 10-inch display and just to give some PLUS, Portal+ has a 15-inch display. The device can be placed anywhere in the room and lets you feel the presence of your loved ones through an amazing, real-time video call experience.
One major concern associated with the launch of the portal was ‘Privacy.’ After the massive data breach experienced by Facebook, things didn’t seem to sit well. Keeping this concern into consideration, Facebook gave a complete insight to its Privacy Policies. Facebook realized the concerns and jumped in to give some details. Highlighting the few, Facebook said that it does not listen to or records contents of your video calls. However, it does keep information (like, the number of times you logged in or what kind of features app you most frequently use) for the ads.
Facebook’s portal only activates on the voice command, “Hey Portal” and does not listen to the content otherwise. Also, you can go and simply delete your voice history form the activity log. Facebook has ensured its followers that none of the cameras used in the device identifies who you are as it has no connection with the Facebook servers. That said, Facebook is not going to collect any of your data.
Grab your Portal and share your experience with us!

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