Facebook is charged with a $644,000 (£500,000) fine for stealing data from Cambridge Analytica Scandal in London, UK. This investigation was done by Britain’s Information Commissioner.
Facebook has been processing the information of personals users’ in an unfair manner. This was done by giving app developers access to users’ information without permission. This was against the ethics and clearly illegal as per the findings.

“Facebook failed to sufficiently protect the privacy of its users before, during and after the unlawful processing of this data. A company of its size and expertise should have known better and it should have done better,” Elizabeth Denham,  UK Information Commissioner.

The scandal took place after the EU (European Union) impose new laws of data protection. Had Facebook been fined when the breach was unveiled, the amount would have been higher.
The pressure on social media platforms is on the rise in the global world. As for the following allegations of the political consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica used data from ten million Facebook accounts. It was used to help the election campaign of Donald Trump back in 2016.
Many people are leaving Facebook and we are not surprised why.
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