Joel Kaplan, the vice president of Facebook global public policy, had a session with Justice Brett Kavanagh’s supporters at Supreme Court nomination hearing this week.

In San Francisco, Facebook managed to rehabilitate position after a series of scandals. But the company’s top public policy executive’s presence in hearing raises a question for the company which is currently working. By disclosing controversial statement further, it is testified by Christine Blasey Ford that a 17 years Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. This news leak was brought through a network of employees. But Kavanaugh denied all the assertions calling them baseless.
The company’s stance in this matter was neutral as they mentioned:
“He was there in a personal capacity”
Kaplan was the colleague of Kavanaugh as they served the former president George W. Bush together. In the light of that duration, Kaplan managed to provide sustenance to Kavanaugh. This support drew the attention of reporters and most importantly the women community. On Facebook the social community percentage of females is pretty higher. On Thursday, the women unity took the stand and called a hearing to share their personal sexually assaulting experiences on the platform of C-Span.
As mentioned before, Kaplan the former employee of George W. Bush worked in the white house and executed Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. He joined Facebook in 2011 and looked after Facebook activities at Washington D.C. office in the US.
Kaplan’s wife, Laura Cox Kaplan, has maintained Kavanaugh’s stance telling CNN:
“It seems anyone can launch an allegation without corroboration or evidence and dismantle a person’s career and their life and the lives of their family members. This is wrong.”
The New York Times reporter specifically highlighted the presence of Kaplan in the supporting crowd behind Kavanaugh.
For the general public, the perspective of Kaplan support for Kavanaugh was the previous intimation. But, still, media reporter brought Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in the comment section. The neutral response from the company controls the reporting questions.
Although, it is a critical situation for Facebook as a global entity. They have to manage the questions and responses coming from throughout the world, especially within the premises of Washington D.C. Mark Zuckerberg, has already made multiple visits and responses in the congressional hearings to the Capitol. No doubt it was a hard period for the company, but this latest issue should be responded in a positive manner to avoid any professional growth barriers.
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