Facebook in India is providing a live stream feature that lets you read articles before reading or sharing them. Amazing, right?
The social media platform tested this new feature in the US bank in 2017. This aids in providing the users with additional information on the article that appears on their homepage. This feature is developed to help the readers decide what materials to read and get more information on it. This will act as a way to avoid the unusual assumption about the news on the site.
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Other countries are also going to offer this new feature. These include Spain, Germany, France, and Poland.
Further, this brand new feature includes:

  • Publisher’s details
  • Recent stories by the publisher
  • Number of views of the article
  • Age of the author
  • More information about the author

Facebook stated this feature was made with the help of numerous authors and publishers and will be improved further over the passage of time. This will give the idea of readers to know the context of the article and understand the credibility of the material. Readers will also be able to judge whether the article is trustworthy to read or not.
Stay tuned for updates! 

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