Chrome 67 has password-free logins and improved VR

Chrome 67 has started hitting the desktops since yesterday and the new browser is featured with the support for password-free logins, thanks to Web Authentication (WebAuthn). Chrome 67 has a better support for sensors and virtual reality headsets.
WebAuthn lets you use your accounts and access your data using biometric authentication or a mobile device or something like a YubiKey. These will free you from the formal passwords and also make your account even more secure by providing a two-factor authentication. Microsoft Edge is expected to receive the new browser very soon. The mainstream browser debut was made last month with the launch of Firefox 60 and Apple also committed to supporting it but we didn’t hear from the company as to when are they incorporating it into Safari. The new browser appeals because of its security from the phishing attacks. Since there will be no fixed line of alphanumeric characters, the password security enhances.

Sensors and sensibility

Security is one aspect but the browser has much more that will add a cherry on the top for users. You will surely have more fun on the web because the browser supports the Generic Sensor API which allows the applications to get input from sensors like ambient light sensors and accelerometers. You can now see a 3D model that your app displayed by rotating your device in different directions and orientations. This feature is present in some of the desktop apps but wasn’t a part of the Chrome before this.
The new Chrome 67 supports WebXR Device API which will transform your virtual reality experience to the next level and made consistent over a wide range of devices.
These also include some mobile-based VR headsets like:

  • Google Daydream View
  • Samsung Gear VR

The supported desktop-based headsets include:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

The use of API is still under consideration and it is open to the web developers that how would they want to use the API. However, Google suggests the usage can be around 360-degree video making, 3D art installation, and home shopping experiences.
Chrome 67 is available to download now for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Why so specific about the browser?

Browsers make a huge difference to your surfing and everyday internet usage. Everything from fast performance to downloadable extensions defines how comfortable you are going to while surfing the web.
If you prioritise surfing speed and security, you should definitely be trying the new buddy – Chrome 67. It’s available for downloading on macOS, Linux and Windows. Break your comfort zone and replace your current browser if you are dissatisfied. This won’t take more than a few minutes!

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