Taking the perfect selfie is no easy task. It takes a lot of clicks and effort to get the perfect photo that earns you all those coveted likes on Instagram and Facebook.

A great selfie requires more than just a good pose. The right app can do wonders for your skills, allowing you to look gorgeous with just a tap. After compiling a list of the best camera apps for Android, we’re now bringing you the best selfie apps for Android.

Top Selfie Apps for Android Smartphones

Here are our top picks:

1. Retrica

best selfie apps android
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Retrica is no doubt the best selfie app for Android. Why? Well, it has everything that a selfie camera app should have. The app is well-designed and offers features that are useful for everyone. From noobs to phone photography wizards, anyone can use this app with ease. The 100+ filters are easy to choose and find and allow you to enhance your photos with video, GIFs, and a collage maker right in the app. The app also allows for easy sharing to Instagram and Facebook, though you have to link those accounts to Retrica to access that feature.

You can download Retrica from Play Store.

2. Snapchat

best selfie app android
Who doesn’t love Snapchat? This selfie app is one of the most popular social media apps on the Internet. Snapchat is not your ordinary selfie app; it uses facial recognition and AR to detect your face and apply filters. The app is more than just a selfie app but deserves a top spot on our list of best selfie apps for Android. You can download Snapchat from Google Play and explore it for more features for social media use.

3. B1612 Beauty & Filter Camera

best selfie apps android
Just like Retrica, B1612 is a great selfie app with multiple flattering filters. Although I don’t love filters on my photos as they make pictures looks overly edited, many people love this feature, so this app isn’t a disappointment for them. B1612 offers a wide range of great filters and other features like skin perfecting software, the ability to create music videos, and even facial shaping abilities that allow you to slim down areas of your face and body that you find less-than-flattering. You can download B1612 from the Play Store.

4. Cymera Camera

best selfie app android
When I first downloaded the app, it felt like an editing app more than a selfie camera app for Android. But it deserves a shot. Cymera Camera app lets you beautify your pictures with filters and stickers, create collages, and use editing tools to smooth skin and even add makeup right in the app.

You can change filters on your selfies in real time, add stickers, change the layout of image collage, change your smile, make your face V-shaped and add text to your photos. You can also create pictures with adjusted brightness, contrast and saturation. All these features in one selfie camera app.

This app also offers event-specific effects. You can download Cymera Camera from Google Play.

5. Camera360

best selfie apps android

Camera360 is an Editors’ Choice app on the Google Play Store. This app offers plenty of features and can be used as photo editor as well as a selfie camera app.

Camera360 offers professional editing tools with stickers and filters for your photos. The video effects make this app even more compelling. Users can create photo grids and collages, cartoon effects, and even change the shape of their facial features with just a few clicks and swipes.

You can download Camera360 here.

6. Sweet Selfie

best selfie apps android
Sweet Selfie is a popular selfie camera app and deserves a place among best selfie apps Android. It can do so much more than just taking selfies with filters. The app has a built-in editor to edit out your acne marks with no trace. Like many of the other apps listed here, it allows you to add makeup and choose makeup styles, but this app has weekly updated lists of new makeup styles.

You can download Sweet Selfie here.

7. Candy Camera

best selfie apps android
With a hundred million plus downloads and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store, Candy Camera surely belongs on any list of best selfie apps for Android. Candy Camera lets you put filters on not just your selfies but your videos. ,

The app offers beauty functions, stickers, a collage maker and other beauty tweaks for gorgeous selfies. Candy Camera is also an Editors’ Choice App on Google Play.

You can download Candy Camera here..

8. Instagram

best selfie apps android
Instagram is more popular than Snapchat, but it still lags behind it in terms of functionality. While Instagram may offer the best filters on posts and have a larger userbase, its filters aren’t quite as creative as Snapchat’s.

Instagram does have an excellent collection of filters and face maps as well as the ability to alter lighting, crispness, and color tone of photos. From Boomerang to collage-making features, Instagram is still a great tool for social media addicts.

You can download Instagram for Android here.

If you’re a selfie addict, head to the app store and download these great photo-altering apps. We did our job, and now it’s your turn to click beautiful selfies.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite app in the comments below.

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