‘YouTube Rewind 2018’ is the most disliked video of the year

Youtube Rewind 2018 Youtube Rewind 2018

A lot of you who have been following various vloggers on YouTube must have waited for the YouTube’s wrap-up Video. If you have watched it already, you might have noticed the huge number of dislikes on the video.

Well, YouTube Rewind 2018 is the second most disliked video on YouTube.

Last Thursday YouTube released the Rewind 2018 and amazingly has got 8.1M dislikes till date. The video is the second most disliked video on YouTube after Justin Bieber’s Baby which has around 9.7M dislikes. But, the duration in which YouTube’s rewind has managed to gather the number of dislikes is not even a quarter of that of ‘Baby.’ Not to forget that the baby was posted back in 2010.

The factor seemingly responsible for this huge dislike from fans all over social media platforms and YouTube is maybe the ignorance of the video streaming giant towards the real choice of viewers. The apparently purposeful ignorance towards some of the platform’s biggest stars seems to be the reason behind this backlash. The viewers failed to find their popular and well-deserved video stars in the Rewind 2018.

The comments beneath the video show the disappointment of viewers in not getting to see PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and Shane Dawson in the video. One of these stars, PewDiePie whose real name is Felix Kjellberg recorded his reaction in a video; he made it clear that he was already told by the company that he won’t be making it to the list of stars that would be featured in the video. He further said:

“I remember Rewind was something that was a homage to the creators that year. It was something cool to be part of. Now I’m almost glad I’m not in it because it’s such a cringe video at this point. It’s disconnected with the community and its creators.”

A similar incident occurred in 2017 too, because the star was a controversy for YouTube, to which he politely replied:

“At the end of the day, I care more about YouTube. I care about what’s good for YouTube, what’s good for the platform than me being in it and I don’t know … pissing people off?”

YouTube also faced some backlash from some creators like Keemstar, who tweeted:

“All I know is YouTube better have asked Shane Dawson to be in rewind this year. The KSI vs. Logan Paul boxing match was clearly the biggest YouTube event this year. For Rewind not to have any reference for this is just wrong.”

Dawson, another of YouTube creators, tweeted:

It seems like YouTube called out a serious rage from people by ignoring their favorites and making this Rewind more of a Paid Advertisement, maybe?

Stay tuned to learn more.

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