Smoking is a deadly habit. Now the tech industry is trying to help people quit.

CES 2019 just showcased an amazing and diverse range of products, from lab-grown burger patties to bread-baking robots. But one thing that caught my attention was a new lighter that can help you kick your smoking habit.

The concept of a lighter helping smokers is pretty unique, but a tech company from Lebanon has made it happen. The “Slighter Lighter” is the much talked about product that will not only light your cigarettes but help you decrease your reliance on them at the same time. Consider this new lighter your personal counselor, without the judgment, as it analyzes your smoking habits and then comes up with a plan to help minimize and eventually get rid of your cravings.

How does this smart device work?

The two biggest impediments to quitting smoking are nicotine addiction and the comfort a smoking habit can bring. Slighter Lighters was designed to address both these issues simultaneously through a method known as nicotine fading. Nicotine fading is a technique that lets smokers gradually reduce their cigarette consumption over time without withdrawal symptoms (which are a major reason for failure).

This device employs three steps to help smokers quit. The device is programmed to initially keep a track of the number of cigarettes smoked per day by counting each time a user lights a smoke. The second step is for the smoker set a goal. You can set their goal based on how drastically you want to cut down and how much time you want to give yourself to do it. The device then analyzes the input and comes up with a customized plan to help people achieve their goal.

The smart device is even capable of adjusting the plan in case someone changes their mind about their goal. It has features such as Skip, Cheat, Snooze, or Friend that allow for a more flexible plan instead of forcing people into a strict routine.

The third and final step of this journey is to monitor progress so users can see how far they’ve come. The Slighter Lighter has a mobile app to keep a track of progress. The dashboard of the application has some interesting graphs that show progress and smoking history. It also allows users to connect with friends via social media accounts for accountability and constructive feedback. There’s even a reward program that awards badges when you meet your goals.

The brand claims that the reason behind the success of this Slighter Lighter is the degree to which it offers a rational, forgiving, customizable, and flexible way to quit. This gradual adaptability technique can work wonders for people serious about kicking the habit.

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