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The world of tech has now reached the level we thought it would be one day. With robots and automation taking over most of the human task force, the $150 million “Factory of the Future” is all set to practice making robots by robots. The Swiss firm ABB Group plans to build a factory in Shanghai where robots are going to make Robots.
The firm aims at making it one of the hi-tech manufacturing units of the planet by 2020. Not to forget that ABB group is already known for building robots that are replacing human task force in big manufacturing units where cars and other machinery is assembled. This is done by training robots through artificial intelligence where human work alongside robots for an initial span of time.

According to ABB’s chief Executive Ulrich Spiesshofer, “Shanghai has become a vital center for advanced technology leadership – for ABB and the world.”

The ABB group has already invested about $2.4 Billion in China whereas this factory in Shanghai is all set to add value to ABB’S investment further. The company aims to automate the entire robot manufacturing procedure. From using auto-piloted cars for transport within factory premises till the assembling of units, the company is committed to having minimal or zero human involvement.
The initiative seems to accommodate the expense incurred by the involvement of manpower on wages that are increasing rapidly. This solution seems to handle things with a lower-cost through automation.
The $150 million Factory of the future will be built on 75,000 square feet. The factory would
manufacture robots for multiple industries in China as well as for export to other countries in Asia. China is committed to increasing its robots workforce purchasing around 138,000 units (Source: ABB).
With Robots taking over the manufacturing sites, do we still need engineers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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