Bird Box is the Netflix horror movie that not only broke viewership records but also took social media by storm through the #BirdBoxChallenge. People around the world are now going crazy for the new Bird Box Challenge, in which they put on blindfolds to explore the surroundings. As soon as dangerous videos made it to the social media, Netflix issued a warning to its customers, telling them not to participate.

Netflix has reported that about 45 million Netflix users saw the movie in its first week out, setting a record for a Netflix film.

The movie stars Sandra Bullock, who plays a mother of two children. The story revolves around an evil force that has taken over the world that survivors can’t look at or else they will be subjected to their worst fears. Anyone who sees the monster will take their own life. In order to get her children to a safe place, Bullock goes on a journey through a river and forest, but they all have to wear blindfolds to avoid seeing the creature.

The concept became so popular with viewers that some came up with a meme challenge known as #BirdBoxChallenge. The challenge encourages people to wear blindfolds while moving around spaces. People have been making videos in which they do something funny, stupid, thrilling, or even scary with their eyes blindfolded.

Videos of blindfolded people driving or paddling boats with the entire family got Netflix’s attention and the site issued a warning on Twitter where it implored fans not to take part. While Netflix appreciated the love that people had been showing the film, they asked their customers to stay safe and not end up in the hospital because of the meme challenge.

Well, it seems really wise of Netflix to speak up as people go gaga over this challenge. Just have a look at some videos to see how it is done. But don’t try this at home!

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